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Multi Talented Clancy

Here at the LilyMonteverdi School of Music, we are never short of young talents. Clancy is a 7 years old student who had been learning music in our school since the age of 4. He began piano lessons first at 4 years old, taught by Sam. At the age of 5, he started learning violin as well, with Monty as his teacher.

With his violin teacher and idol, Monty

In 2018 and 2019, two years in a row, Clancy had appeared in the Trinity School Newsletter. These articles reported his exceptional talent in music. On 30th August, Trinity School extended a special request to Clancy to perform at the Arts Festival. He performed a solo on his violin alongside a whole choir. This was special indeed as in the past, only senior students of year 6 and above with outstanding credits would have this kind of opportunity, Clancy is only 7!

Trinity School Newsletter 2019

Recently, Clancy entered in the competitions at the St George Eisteddfod. He courageously performed two highly challenging violin pieces in the strings section and both won him 3rd place with bronze trophies. Also, back in August, Clancy won 2nd place in the strings section at the Ryde Eisteddfod.

Winner of 2 Bronze trophies at the St George Eisteddfod

Silver winner at the Ryde Eisteddfod

Congratulations to Clancy. We are sure to see many more of these success stories from this talented young man.

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