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A Concert of Love, Warmth and Support.

On the 29th of September, a Memorial Fundraiser Concert was held for an extremely talented and much loved student of our school, Ryan Wang, whose life was shortened suddenly, and tragically in a car accident.

The concert was a tribute to Ryan for his love of music, as well as raising funds to help his family overcome their financial burdens during this difficult time. It was a Concert filled with love, warmth and support. Ryan's parents came to our Music School the following day to express their appreciation of this very special concert. "I am very sure Ryan was there with us and was loving the concert. I could feel he was listening to everyone's performances and was playing in the orchestra too" Ryan's mother had told Lily and many parents.

We just want to take the time to say thanks to many. Firstly, we want to thank Sydney Technical High School for allowing us to use their School Auditorium to hold this concert. We also want to thank each and every one of the performers for performing beautiful music which Ryan loved. We thank everyone in the audience for coming and showing your love and support to the Wang Family, especially the enormous task of preparing the concert, decorating the venue, and providing food for after the concert, all of which were volunteered by parents. Your graciousness and generosity has been so warmly received by the Wang Family.

We cannot thank you enough for giving them the love that sometimes be so sorely needed.

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