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2020 Our 1st Mini live Concert with social distancing

Kindergarten Eliah has learned Cello only for 6 months, was enjoying his Minuet by Bach at our first live concert on 28/6.

Year 1 Max performed Minuet (4th grade)

by Boccherini & Tarantelle by Squire

Ethan Zhang perform 1st mvt from Grieg's Cello Sonata (CmusA). Ethan has grown up at our school since he has started his piano lesson with Lily when he was 5 and cello at the age of 8 with Verdy. 2020 Ethan has received 6 years music scholarship from Trinity Grammar School.

Scott Joplin 'The Strenuous Life' performed by Isaiah Cheng (8yrs old ,8th garde Piano and 6th grade Cello)

Year 1 Max Ge played Minuet by Boccherini & Tarantella by Squire

Larry performed Gade by Grieg

Elise Tong performed Rondo (Cello) and Ecossaise (Piano)

Jiacheng: (Cello) Gavotte

Kindergarten boy Gregory has only learned cello for 4 lesson, performed 'A Britisch Tar'

Stephanie played 'Allegretto'

Jerry performed Menuet 1 & 2 from Suite No. 1 by Bach

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